Reservations and inquiries

Information on Rates

◆ Play Rates: Self-play (18 H) with electromagnetic self-driving cart

  Weekdays・・・・15,000 yen
  Weekends & Holidays・・・18,000 yen
  ※ Credit card (JCB, VISA, UC, AMEX, DINNERS) is accepted.
    ※ Additional 300 yen for the use of locker.

  [Limited Time: 12,000 yen on weekdays]

  [Limited to Chigasaki residents: 9,800 yen on weekdays]
   [Limited to Kanagawa residents: 10,800 yen on weekdays]

◆Play Rates for early morning and dusk:
 Self-play (18 H) with electromagnetic self-driving cart

  Weekdays・・・・6,500 yen
  Weekends & Holidays・・・7,500 yen
  ※ The dusk play may not be available depending on the schedule of the day,
    the weather and other reasons.
    Please confirm by telephone before 10:30 on the play day.

◆Rental Items

  Shoes・・・550 yen
  [Men] 24.5 - 29.0 cm (27.5 & 28.5 are not available)
  [Women] 22.5 - 24.5 cm
  Golf Clubs・・・ [Full set] 2,200 yen  [1 golf club] 220 yen
   (Left-handed golf clubs are not available)

※ Due to the limited availability, it is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please reserve in advance.

Terms and Conditions

◆Business Information

  ClubHouse     7:00~
  Practice Range   7:00~11:00 13:00~16:00
   ※ The practice range is closed from 11: 00-13: 00 for ball picking.
  Bathing Facilities  12:00~18:00


By Play Type Reservation Start Date Reception Payment
Regular Hours From 3 months prior to the play day
Early Morning Play From 1 month prior to the play day after 9:00 Start Office After Playing
Dusk Play After 10: 30 on the play day Front Before Playing

Request from the Club


●When Visiting
  Jeans, track suits or any type of gymnasium suits and T-shirts are not permitted on the premise.
  Beach sandals and Crocs sandals are not permitted on the premise.
 ●When Playing
  ・Please wear shirt with collar.
  ・If the hem of the shirt is remarkably unsightly, we would ask to be tucked in.
  ・Please wear socks that are visible from the shoes.
  ・Please play in style that is appropriate for golf.
  If you do not follow the above dress code, our office personnel may notify you.
  Thank you for your cooperation.

2.Dos and Don'ts on the Course

 ・Safety check, please.
  ・This golf course is adjacent to private residences.
  ・The tee shots in the 1st hole are subject to club restrictions
    (Men: below 7 iron ・ Women: below utility).
   Also, if the tee shot did not go beyond the play prohibited area,
    you will be asked to play from the special advance tee.
  ・Because the city road crosses the No. 7 Hall teeing ground,
   please be mindful when striking the ball.
  ・Please try to play fast.
  ・Please help in protecting the course.

3.Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

  ・The club house is completely smoke-free.
   The smoking area is around the ashtray on the second floor terrace.
  ・If you drive a car on the way back, please be careful not to drunk-driving.